Ten thousand years ago, the Twelve Lords created the world of Zorh. Filled with their creations, the world prospered….until one of the Twelve, the first and foremost, fell to the darkness. Just three thousand short years passed before the Lords went to war, and now all that remains of Zorh is a dessicated husk of it’s former glory.

Deserts spread where once rivers teemed with fish. Forests, dark and sinister, encroach on once-proud cities, now fallen to ruin. The Sea of Acherod, once the premiere trade route between countries and continents, now holds the Vortex, a swirling pulse of black light that swallows anything it touches.

Now, the Twelve have left the world to it’s own devices, their immortal war raging on other planets, in other galaxies. Bandits roam the “safe” roads, and things much worse roam the untamed wilds.

Of course, such a world has it’s share of heroes, to be sure. But for one to qualify as a hero, one must have an equally dark counterpart….and there are villains and scum aplenty on Zorh.

Shadowed Origins